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When you buy a business owner’s policy, usually called a BOP, you’ll probably get property insurance. So, if a hazardous event damages the property, then you might have help rebuilding the structure and getting back to work. But, recovery isn’t just about rebuilding; it is also about cleanup. READ MORE >>

Has it been a dream of yours to buy a boat with your first salary bonus? If that's your goal, you've probably put a lot of thought into the process. However, even once you sign for the vessel, you still have to take a few other steps. Buying a boat is a lot like buying a car. READ MORE >>

Auto insurance should be there for you when you are in an accident. How much coverage you have depends on the type of policy you have. It also varies based on what happens. A bumper-related accident could have some coverage. However, your agent is going to need a bit more information to know what options are available to you. READ MORE >>

You might think that there is a low risk of someone stealing your motorcycle. After all, not everyone can ride bikes, and motorcycles are harder to operate than average cars. However, it only takes one trained thief to make off with your bike within seconds. READ MORE >>

As a religious professional, you have the goal of helping people. Most of those you work with and support understand this goal. However, even in the most well-respected areas, risks are present. View your organization as a business for a moment. Consider what risks you face and how to minimize them. READ MORE >>

Most of us treasure our jewelry. Rings and necklaces not only have monetary value, but also sentimental meaning. While you might consider them priceless, these items do have a tangible value. So, if something were to happen to them, you'd want to replace them. How do you get the money to do that? READ MORE >>

A DUI or DWI can occur when someone gets caught driving drunk or otherwise impaired. These are very serious charges that reflect risk-taking on the part of the driver. If you are looking to hire a commercial driver, you might discover that they have a DUI charge in their past. Does this mean you should not hire them? READ MORE >>

Upon marriage, you are likely ready to settle into many of the perks of domestic housekeeping. Still, setting up a home requires financial planning. If you are still renting a property, you must learn how to manage upkeep costs as joint finances beckon. What are some of the ways you can improve cost management? READ MORE >>

Whether you build houses or excavate properties, your work can put others in harm's way. While you endeavor not to make mistakes, you can't prevent every accident. So, if you accidentally cause a problem for others, you might have to compensate them. If you have the liability insurance in place, you can use your policies to assist you. READ MORE >>

You've probably heard that you need to get life insurance while you're young. That's because age might reduce your eligibility for coverage while increasing costs. Still, as you get older, what can you do to still get covered? How Age Impacts Life Insurance Eligibility READ MORE >>

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